• Participation of IMU Medical Biotechnology students in GEAR programme, a training workshop session to enhance communication skills, teamwork, and general business and entrepreneurial spirit

My Experience Studying Medical Biotechnology at IMU

Three years of being a part of the Medical Biotechnology (MB) programme has truly been a great journey for us within the MB1/14 cohort. When I first came to International Medical University (IMU), I was

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Memorable Time for IMU Pharmacy Students in Japan

Elective module is a compulsory module offered in Semester 6 of the Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) programme at International Medical University (IMU). In this

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Cancer Marker Tests – Are They Accurate?

It is undeniable there is an increasing rate of Malaysians being diagnosed and battling the big C, with a majority

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The 5 Ways Malaysian Healthcare Professionals Stand Out as Awesome

Those working in the healthcare profession have many times been portrayed as cold and unemotional... but what we tend to

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Third Year Pharmacy Students Undertake Experiential Learning at a Malaysian Private Hospital

Five third year IMU pharmacy students, Karmelia Chan, Wong Jin-Ying, Lee Ming Zhao, Kok Yu Qian and Sellam Elangovan had the

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