• IMU Nursring Preceptor Workshop

Preceptorship Workshop for Healthcare Professionals and Nurses

13 Sept 2017- The Preceptorship Workshop for Healthcare Professionals and Nurses was held at the International Medical University's (IMU) campus in Bukit Jalil with the aim of providing healthcare professionals and nurses with essential skills to

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Mental Health Week at IMU Clinical Campus

9 October 2017 - 13 October 2017: The Mind Matters Club, IMU organised a Mental Health Week in conjunction with

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  • Amiera Mat Aziz, a non-Chinese student studying Chinese Medicine at IMU

An Exciting Time Studying IMU Chinese Medicine Programme

Everyone is ruled by habits and we are comfortable in doing things the same old way.  It is definitely hard

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Learning Computational Chemistry Techniques for Material Science

Computational materials science expands our understanding of the properties of materials and the phenomena associated with their design, synthesis, characterisation,

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Industry Experts Provided Professional Industrial Insight

2 October 2017 - The IMU Medical Biotechnology (MB) students from MB1/15 cohort gained insights from six speakers hailing from

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