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IMU’s PhD Graduate Extends His Passion in Cancer Cell Biology Research as a Postdoc Researcher in Taiwan

27 Feb 2018|Alumni, MSc in Medical & Health Sciences (by Research), People, PhD in Medical & Health Sciences (by Research), Research|

The passion in cancer cell biology research has led Dr Tan Boon Shing, an IMU PhD graduate to currently work as a postdoctoral researcher in Academia Sinica, Taiwan. He shares with us his journey from undergraduate studies to where he is now. Dr Tan obtained his Diploma in Chemistry and Biology from Tunku Abdul Rahman

Raising Awareness on the Importance of Empathy

4 Dec 2017|University|

Organisational culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs which governs how its members behave in every organisation. Culture and values are also unwritten rules providing guidelines and boundaries for the behaviours of the members of an organisation. Values form the guiding principles for the institutional development in education, research and healthcare. The

PhD Candidate Won First Prize at Malaysian International Antarctica Seminar

21 Sep 2017|People, PhD in Medical & Health Sciences (by Research), Programmes, Research, Students|

An IMU’s Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidate, Dang Nguk Ling won the first prize for Poster Presentation at the 7th Malaysian International Antarctica Seminar (MISA), held in Kuala Terengganu from 15-17 August 2017. Dang presented a poster titled “Phylogenetic Analysis of Microalgae Isolated from Signy Island, Antarctica” in this seminar. The poster presentation was based

IMU Seminar Raise Awareness on New Technologies for Future Healthcare Professionals

14 Sep 2017|Research, University|

Imagine yourself living in an era where robots takes over the jobs of nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals, having genetic test revealing the day of your death, and artificial intelligence taking over the whole healthcare industry. These might all seem remote now but undeniably this is the future of medicine that technological development might

IMU Researchers Secured Grant for Pancreatic Cancer Research

6 Sep 2017|Alumni, People, Pharmacy, PhD in Medical & Health Sciences (by Research), Research, Staff|

Dr Mai Chun Wai, a lecturer from the School of Pharmacy, International Medical University (IMU), recently secured RM146,916.00 under the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) for a research project titled “Mechanistic Basis of Tumour Evasion from Cytotoxic T Cells (CTL) Surveillance in Pancreatic Cancers”. The primary aim of this project is to investigate how the

Intellectually Stimulating Discussions on Professoriate and Scholarship at IMU Seminar

17 Aug 2017|University|

What will the work of faculty be like in the coming 20 to 30 years? Over the last decade, the higher education system has undergone tremendous transformation to serve the large and diverse public. New institutional types and approaches to education have emerged leading to the formation of a non-homogenous faculty group today. Some institutions

IMU Alumna among 150 University Students who Met with Danish Senior Executives at a Denmark Talent Conference

10 Mar 2017|Alumni, People, Pharmaceutical Chemistry|

IMU Alumna, Emilie Hovah, 23, from Mauritius recently had a unique experience at a global talent conference in Denmark. As a member of an exclusive community of dedicated, international young students, she had the chance to discuss global career opportunities in Denmark with high-level executives from Danish global companies. On 12 December, a group of

IMU Lecturer and Team Won Second Prize at 2016 NIH Week

9 Jan 2017|Research, Staff|

A/Prof Ng Chew Hee (Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, School of Pharmacy, IMU), Dr Alan Khoo Soo Beng (Adjunct A/Prof at Institute for Research, Development and Innovation, IMU; Head, Molecular Pathology Unit, Cancer Research Centre, Institute for Medical Research) and their research group submitted an entry for the Poster Competition at the  National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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