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An Innovative Ophthalmologist

7 Dec 2017|Alumni, Medicine, People|

The satisfaction of being able to help the sick had sparked Dr Chan Jan Bond’s desire to be a doctor. It all started when he was a 10-year old primary school student who helped a boy with an injured knee. The future Dr Chan dressed the bleeding wound and feeling better, the boy thanked him.

IMU Honours Four Outstanding Alumni

5 Dec 2017|Alumni, People, University|

In conjunction with its 25th Anniversary, the IMU is recognising the noteworthy achievements of its alumni by awarding them with the Young Alumnus Award at the IMU Alumni Homecoming 2017! The IMU Young Alumnus Award started exactly 10 years ago in 2007. Only 1 award is given out every 5 years. However, one single award

IMU’s Largest Alumni Homecoming to Date

4 Dec 2017|Alumni, People, University|

18 November 2017 - In conjunction with its 25th Anniversary celebration, IMU hosted the inaugural and largest IMU Alumni Homecoming to date. Months of preparation have gone into this event to ensure that we provide a programme that is beneficial as well as entertaining to our alumni. The day started with really beautiful weather complete

Raising Awareness on the Importance of Empathy

4 Dec 2017|University|

Organisational culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs which governs how its members behave in every organisation. Culture and values are also unwritten rules providing guidelines and boundaries for the behaviours of the members of an organisation. Values form the guiding principles for the institutional development in education, research and healthcare. The

That’s A Mouthful

3 Dec 2017|Articles, Health, News Media|

Oral cancer in this country, according to Dr Sobial Bilal, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Dentistry, is mainly caused by smoking, chewing betel and drinking alcohol. Dr Hussein Al Wakeel, a dental officer at the IMU's Oral Health Centre, adds that early detection of oral cancer is difficult as there are few early

Managing Pain The Traditional Way

29 Nov 2017|Articles, Chinese Medicine, News Media, University|

Acupuncture has been practised for centuries in China for its ability to modulate and manage pain. According to Prof Zhou Jia, Director of Acupuncture Anaesthesia Research Institute in Shanghai, China, there are two types of acupuncture anaesthesia. In Malaysia, acupuncture anaesthesia had been administered in a thyroid surgery at Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh. Find

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