Let’s Make Malaria No More

30 Apr 2017|Articles, Health, News Media|

Dr Verna Lee Kar Mun, a family medicine specialist from IMU Healthcare vetted this article on malaria. Malaria, primarily found in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, is a life-threatening disease caused by parasites. There are five known malaria parasite species, and two of them – Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax – pose the greatest threat.

Aaaarrgh…! I Have to Pee AGAIN….!

28 Apr 2017|Health|

Imagine this, you’re having a night out with your friends and everyone is having a good time chatting and laughing, but every time you laugh, you feel some urine leaking out. You know you only had two small glasses of water to drink in the past four hours, but yet you keep feeling the urge

Tui Na 101 Is Tui Na for me?

24 Apr 2017|Health|

Tui Na massages are the norm for those familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). But for the uninitiated – read most of the general public – many would be wondering what it is all about. Tui Na has been touted as more than just a massage for tremendous health benefits. It is defined as a

Schizophrenia and Depression

4 Apr 2017|Health|

Schizophrenia is categorised as a severe mental disorder which results in changes in behavior, thinking, memory, speech, thought and even movements. These changes result in significant changes in an individual’s capacity to function both in social and occupational spheres. Unfortunately, the disease usually begins in late adolescence and early adulthood, during the most critical phase

Antibiotics: Friend or Foe?

29 Mar 2017|Health|

Most of us have been prescribed with antibiotics by doctors when we were sick. But do we know what exactly antibiotics do to help us get well? What Antibiotics Do? Bacteria are microorganisms that live all around us and in us. There are good bacteria that are essential to us such as lactobacillus which helps

Quit Smoking? Me?

9 Mar 2017|Health|

Have you ever said to yourself or heard a friend say, “I’m trying to quit smoking”? It is undeniable that no matter how long you have been smoking, quitting smoking will bring about tremendous health improvements. However, most people who are addicted – yes, smoking is an addiction - find it challenging to break free

IMU Launches Quit Smoking Service

28 Feb 2017|Health|

Oral Health Clinic to champion initiative along IMU Healthcare and IMU Kuala Lumpur, 22 Feb 2017 – IMU, today launched the IMU Quit Smoking Service (IMU-QSS) that is aligned with Malaysian National Tobacco Control Program based upon World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO-FCTC) and MPOWER measures to reduce the consumption and demand

Malaria: Stopping the Bite

16 Feb 2017|Health|

Malaysia is once again on high alert for malaria due to increase in number of cases and detection of a new malaria parasite in three villages in the town of Kuching, Sarawak. The newly discovered malaria parasite is identified as Plasmodium knowlesii, which is transmitted from infected monkeys to Anopheles mosquitoes which is then passed

Fibromyalgia Syndrome: Knowing is Better than Wondering

23 Jan 2017|Health|

Everyone gets aches and pains over time, but if you experience pain across your whole body for a lengthy period, you may want to consult  a medical practitioner. You may have a condition known as fibromyalgia. For people with fibromyalgia, the pain becomes a daily experience. According to U.S. National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal

Food, Glorious Food: Can It Be Still Healthy?

4 Jan 2017|Health, Staff|

Eating is one of the most basic activities of daily living to sustain life. Eating is not just about satisfying our hunger. Food plays a major role in health as the saying goes: You are what you eat. Hence, eating should be done in a healthful manner as good nutrition is very important in enhancing

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