IMU Cares

IMU Cares Programme has grown into an important part of University life, providing means for students and staff to engage with the community beyond the University.

Caregiver Training: Elderly Care Workshop

15 Jul 2016|IMU Cares|

15 June 2016 - The caregiver skill training workshop was hosted at International Medical University (IMU), Bukit Jalil. It is a project developed under the IMU Cares and is focused on training the caregivers in performing appropriate activities of daily living (ADLs) for the elderly. This elderly care workshop highlighted the importance of quality care

Learning to Interact with Autistic Children at Visits to NASOM

16 Jun 2016|IMU Cares, Staff, Students|

Students from the International Medical University (IMU) Biomedical Science programme along with other students from the University’s health sciences programmes conducted a visit to a National Autism Society Of Malaysia (NASOM) School in Taman Yarl, Bukit Jalil. This activity was sponsored by IMU Cares and was carried out at three different visits of which two

Valuable Experiential Learning Experiences at Salak South Community Health Screening

30 May 2016|IMU Cares, Students|

17 April 2016 - A group of second year BSc (Hons) Nutrition students volunteered at a community service activity at Dewan Orang Ramai Kampung Baru Salak Selatan. This community service is one of the IMU Cares flagship project targeting the urban poor population residing in and within Salak Selatan. Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) together

Caring for Young and Old Residents at Ti-Ratana

18 Apr 2016|IMU Cares, Staff, Students|

9 April 2016 – IMU staff and students from various programmes participated in a follow through visit to Ti-Ratana. The visit had our staff and students giving massages to the elderly and conducting postural screening for the children. Staff and students were from Chiropractic, Nursing, Biomedical Science, Pathology, Human Biology, IRDI, Nutrition and Dietetics, Academic Services and

Caring for the Community at Ti-Ratana

31 Mar 2016|IMU Cares, Staff, Students|

January 2016 – A pre-visit was conducted by the project leader to identify the needs of the elderly residents of Ti-Ratana. It was found that these residents had dry skin and needed attention. Skin health is essential to the well-being of older people and a central component of nursing care. During this pre-visit, it was

High School Students Learnt Practical Skills at IMU Laboratory

18 Mar 2016|IMU Cares, Programmes, Students|

Chemistry and Biology are widely perceived as laboratory based subjects. Laboratory activities are deemed to be a mandatory requirement for these science modules as it helps the students to be engaged with the theoretical knowledge obtained in their classes. Proper execution of laboratory tests is vital in assisting students to understand the curriculum. A missed

IMU Staff Provides Basic Life Support Training for Caregivers

20 Jan 2016|IMU Cares|

12 December 2015 – Five staff from IMU conducted a Basic Life Support Training for eight youths from Ti-Ratana Welfare Society and 11 caregivers from Dignity for Children Foundation at the University’s Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre. The five faculty members involved in this were Dr Lim Chooi Ling, Dr Niekla Survia Andiesta, Dr Sasikala

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