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Let’s Make Malaria No More

30 Apr 2017|Articles, Health, News Media|

Dr Verna Lee Kar Mun, a family medicine specialist from IMU Healthcare vetted this article on malaria. Malaria, primarily found in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, is a life-threatening disease caused by parasites. There are five known malaria parasite species, and two of them – Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax – pose the greatest threat.

Teamwork Pays Off

20 Apr 2017|Articles, News Media|

The IMU Pharmacy programme Year 3 subject (Current Trends in Therapeutics) develops critical appraisal ability and component skills for students to undertake research projects in Year 4. Students in small supervised teams ‘learn by doing’, by undertaking a literature review. In 2016, this student-led activity saw 5 publications in peer-reviewed journals. Read more : Teamwork

An IMU Team Emerged Champion in National Clinical Pharmacy Challenge 2017

17 Apr 2017|Articles, News Media, People, Pharmacy, Programmes, Students|

IMU team A took first place at the National Clinical Pharmacy Challenge 2017 held at Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS). This challenge was jointly organised by CUCMS Pharmacy Student Society and Malaysia Pharmacy Student Association (MyPSA). A total of 19 teams of pharmacy undergraduates from 13 universities joined this national event. Read more

Improving Athlete’s Performance with Tuina

16 Apr 2017|Articles, News Media|

Tuina is one of the treatments that is used in Chinese Medicine. It utilises the hand or other equipment to treat a patient based on acupuncture points. Prof Lin Xun from IMU Healthcare explains how tuina can help athletes. More on this at Improving Athlete's Performance with Tuina (Mingguan Malaysia - 16 April 2017)  

Technology, a Tool to Enhance Learning

16 Apr 2017|Articles, News Media|

Rapid advances in technology and innovation has spurred various educational fields to keep up with the latest changes in order to produce workready graduates. And medical education is no exception.In order to innovate and learn from the shortcomings of the industry, it is important to have conferences with world experts where latest innovations, standards and best practices are discussed. IMU has been doing just that

Key to Good Health

4 Apr 2017|Articles, News Media|

Being in a competitive sports environment made Hoh Hui Shan realise how other factors affect performance, with diet playing an important role. She also believes in good nutrition being the key to good health. With these in mind, Shan decided to pursue her degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at IMU. More on Shan's journey at

40pc of M’sians will suffer from mental health issues

4 Apr 2017|Articles, News Media|

According to psychiatrists, 4 out of 10 Malaysians suffer from mental health issues in their lifetime. This number is expected to increase over time. However, the actual figure is not accurately known due to the social stigma on this issue. IMU Consultant Psychiatrist, A/Prof Philip George said that priority and acknowledgement should be given towards

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