Medical Biotechnology

The robust curriculum of Medical Biotechnology at IMU teaches and prepares the students to apply current biotechnology techniques in real-world settings.

Postgraduate Scholarship for IMU Alumna with Passion for Neuroscience Research

9 Aug 2017|Alumni, Medical Biotechnology, People|

Erna binti Laere’s passion towards neuroscience research grew during her A-level studies in INTEC when she learnt about neurotransmission. Keeping this passion alive, during Semester 5 of her undergraduate Medical Biotechnology programme at IMU, Erna chose Neurobiology module as her elective module. By doing this module, Erna found how complex is the system in our

IMU Medical Biotechnology Alumni Obtained Employment in Singapore

24 Oct 2016|Alumni, Medical Biotechnology, Medical Biotechnology, Programmes|

Low See Wee’s love for Biology has led to her interest in Biotechnology, a technology that is based on biology, which uses living organisms to make innovative products that improve our lives. It plays a role in developing new drugs, fighting diseases and industrial processes. She cultivated this interest by joining the IMU Medical Biotechnology

A Career as a Product Specialist for IMU Medical Biotechnology Alumnus

30 Aug 2016|Alumni, Medical Biotechnology|

Seow Yi Thern started his studies in Medical Biotechnology at the IMU in 2012 and graduated three years later. He is currently working as product specialist at Science Vision Sdn Bhd. His current job mainly involves providing molecular biology solution particularly the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) chemicals to the customers. “The main driving force to

An IMU Medical Biotechnology Degree Leads to Postgraduate Studies in UK

27 Jun 2016|Alumni, Medical Biotechnology|

The rapid advancement in technology sparked Nicholas Kok Zi Zheng’s interest in biotechnology. This interest deepened with the appearance of new inventions and discoveries and how these new innovations are put to practical use to solve modern problems. Nicholas started his medical biotechnology degree at IMU in 2012 and graduated with his degree three years

IMU Medical Biotechnology Alumnus Returns to Alma Mater to Pursue MSc in Public Health

8 Jun 2016|Alumni, Medical Biotechnology|

Kiew Kim Boon joined the International Medical University (IMU) in 2012 to study medical biotechnology (MB) and graduated three years later in 2015. With the support and guidance of his parents morally and financially, he then returned to his alma mater and is currently pursuing his postgraduate degree in public health – MSc in Public

IMU Alumnus Furthers Her Studies to an Australian University

29 Feb 2016|Alumni, Medical Biotechnology|

An IMU Medical Biotechnology Alumnus, Tan Siew Zhuan is currently studying Master of Biotechnology at The University of Queensland. Here, she recalls the good times studying at IMU. “When I enrolled into IMU, I applied for Chinese Medicine. Yet, due to some family issues, I changed my decision and applied for Medical Biotechnology. I didn’t regret

IMU Medical Biotechnology Alumnus Returns to Work at Alma Mater

23 Feb 2016|Alumni, Medical Biotechnology|

Yeo Pei Ling started studying for her medical biotechnology (MB) degree at the International Medical University (IMU) in 2010 and completed her studies in 2013. She is currently employed as a research assistant in Postgraduate Research Lab IMU and is involved in cancer cell culture. Her job required her to carry out various analyses using molecular biology

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