A Surgeon with a Passion to Teach

15 Nov 2017|Alumni, Medicine, People, Staff|

Greatly inspired by a surgeon, Prof Wan Hazmy and seeing the relief of the patient afterwards encouraged Gandhi Nathan Solayar into the sub-specialties of hip, knee and shoulder surgery after his Orthopaedic speciality training. For Gandhi who enjoyed physics back in school, Orthopaedics made a lot of sense to him when he did an elective

Most Deserving Overseas Student and Top Scorer in O & G : Invaluable Experience Studying at University of Dundee

8 Nov 2017|Alumni, Medicine, People|

Many of us have always dreamt of studying overseas when we were young. For some, this dream is made possible with the existence of university programmes that allow students to study part of their degree in their home country before or after going overseas. This was exactly what happened to Wong Kit Yeng. She started

My Journey from Medicine to Law

7 Jun 2017|Alumni, Medicine, People|

For many students who have completed their pre-university studies, choosing the right degree to further their education can seem to be a daunting task. Facing this task after his pre-university, Danis Wan chose to start his undergraduate studies in medicine at IMU. He did the first part of his degree at IMU and later transferred

From Humble Beginnings at IMU to a Respected Career in the UK

6 Mar 2017|Alumni, Medicine, Medicine, Programmes|

IMU alumnus, Yong Wen Peng started his foray into medicine when he quit studying Engineering and joined IMU as a medical student. After 2.5 years at IMU, he then transferred to University of Southampton, one of IMU’s partner universities for completion of his medical degree. He is currently working as an ENT (Otolaryngology) Junior Clinical Fellow in

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