Medical Students Debate on Medical Ethics and Environment

27 Mar 2017|Medicine, Programmes, Students|

As professionalism, ethics, and personal development is one of the components of the 8 learning outcome domains of International Medical University (IMU), an interesting intercampus debate about bioethics between Batu Pahat Clinical Campus and Kluang Clinical Campus is organised biannually by the final semester medical students to facilitate discussions regarding ethical issues in an interactive

Passion in Humanitarian Work Leads to Aflame Student Award for IMU Pharmacy Student

24 Mar 2017|Pharmacy, Programmes, Students, University|

Joining IMU opened a whole new world of opportunities for Michele Fernandez. She has always been very passionate about humanitarian work and the opportunity to do this started when she joined the University to study pharmacy. It started off with Michele volunteering at IMU Cares events and fundraising events that were carried out at the

Discover the Joy of Learning at Rumah Charis (Home for the Children)

13 Mar 2017|IMU Cares, Staff, Students|

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” ~ Anthony Robbins While most were busy partying their Friday nights away, volunteers from different cohorts in IMU were busy educating the children at Rumah Charis under our newly founded Discover the Joy of Learning

Everything You Treasure – For A World Free From Nuclear Weapon

8 Mar 2017|Students|

Introduction Nuclear weapons are the most dangerous weapons on earth. With these weapons, one can destroy cities and kill millions, jeopardising not only the lives of generations of people but also the natural environment through its long-term catastrophic effects. The dangers from such weapons arise from their very existence. Keeping this in mind and with every intention of

A Day at the Orphanage

22 Feb 2017|IMU Cares, Pharmacy, Programmes, Students|

12 November 2016 - A group of third year Bachelor of Pharmacy students volunteered for a community service activity at an orphanage, Rumah Charis (Home for Children) as a part of IMU Cares flagship project. The community service was targeted at these less fortunate children as young as three years old up to adolescents in

Internship Experience in Regulatory Affairs

25 Jan 2017|Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Programmes, Students|

As part of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry programme, students have the opportunity to acquire on the job training through industrial attachment. The required 8 weeks attachment will allow students to gain valuable industrial experience and build their professional network for their careers. For Seow Xin Yi, it was a great experience and she extended this industrial

Community Project Brings Insight on Diseases and Social Issues to Villagers

24 Jan 2017|Alumni, IMU Cares, Medicine, Students|

Well-known for its excellence in integrating education into the current settings, International Medical University is an established institution that serves as a key platform in shaping quality future healthcare professionals since 1992. Given such high attributes, ‘living the values’ is an integral constituent for members of this higher education institution. IMU Cares Kampung Tekir Project is

The Art of Healing

19 Jan 2017|Students|

IMU encourages students to express ideas on healing and health through art Kuala Lumpur, 30 November 2016 – Multidisciplinary students from eleven colleges and universities participated in the annual inter-varsity IMU Art Competition that was held recently at the International Medical University (IMU) campus. Upholding this year’s theme, “Determination”, the art competition saw 19 unique

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