Medical Biotechnology

Best Paper Presenter at a Life Science Conference in Thailand

7 Aug 2017|Medical Biotechnology, People, Programmes, Students|

IMU Medical Biotechnology student from Indonesia, Andrew Octavian Sasmita relates his experience presenting at a Life Science Conference in Bangkok, Thailand and winning the Best Paper Presenter Award Having completed my final year research project in Medical Biotechnology at International Medical University, which focused on the mechanisms of a natural compound in ameliorating excessive neuroinflammation,

My Experience Studying Medical Biotechnology at IMU

26 May 2017|Articles, Medical Biotechnology, News Media, Programmes|

Three years of being a part of the Medical Biotechnology (MB) programme has truly been a great journey for the students of the MB 1/14 cohort. The programme itself sees many field visits to relevant industries within the field. One of the students in this cohort, Andrew Octavian Sasmita from Indonesia, He shared with us his experience of studying this programme. Find out more at

Utilising their Knowledge for the Good of the Community

17 Apr 2017|Medical Biotechnology, People, Programmes, Students|

13 January 2017 - IMU's Medical Biotechnology (MB) cohort of 1/14 (MB1/14) conducted a field visit to Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (SJK(C)) Salak South as a part of one of their final semester modules ‘Applied Biotechniques in Biotechnology and Community Health’. This serves as a community service project that final year students of this programme conduct

Final Year Students Participated in a Forum with Biotechnology Industry Experts

19 Oct 2016|Medical Biotechnology|

4 October 2016 - As one of its initiatives to prepare work-ready graduates as well as to bridge the gap between industry and academia, IMU final year Medical Biotechnology (MB) students were given the opportunity to participate and be involved in a discussion forum with biotechnology industry experts. This is an annual event embedded in

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