MSc in Public Health

The programme aims to produce environmental health scientists and specialists with strong foundation in the field of Environmental Health at master level.

Transforming Communities: IMU Public Health Graduates Making Waves In Many Parts of the World

10 Mar 2016|MSc in Public Health, MSc in Public Health, Programmes, Research, Students|

Graduates of IMU’s Master of Science in Public Health have been helping to build happier and healthier communities in the world. From the villages of Nigeria to the metropolis of Kuala Lumpur, IMU MSc in Public Health graduates are transforming lives of the people they serve. Although the MSc in Public Health taught programme started

Returning to Alma Mater for Postgraduate Studies

5 Aug 2015|Alumni, Medical Biotechnology, MSc in Medical & Health Sciences (by Research), MSc in Public Health, Students|

Three International Medical University (IMU) alumni returned to the University to further their studies at the postgraduate level (Masters). They began their journey at IMU for a medical biotechnology (MB) degree in 2010 and completed it in 2013, before going for their postgraduate studies. One of these alumni is Jeya Seela a/p Anandha Rao. She

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