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School of Pharmacy Meets Stakeholders to Gain Knowledge on Employers’ Expectations

8 Sep 2017|Master of Pharmacy Practice, MSc in Analytical & Pharmaceutical Chemistry, MSc in Molecular Medicine, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy, Programmes|

The 1st Stakeholders Meeting organised by IMU's School of Pharmacy, welcomed participation of more than 15 stakeholders from various professional organisations, pharmaceutical industries, healthcare institutions and alumni. The aims of this important event are to identify, understand and clarify regarding the employers’ expectations on graduands’ knowledge, skills and attitudes. The event took place at the

Invaluable Internship Experience on Halal Pharmaceuticals

18 Aug 2017|People, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Programmes, Students|

An IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry Alumna, Bavani Rajan, is currently working as a Regulatory Affairs Associate at Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd. During her studies at the IMU, she had the opportunity to acquire on the job training through industrial attachment. This attachment allows students to gain valuable industrial experience and build professional network for their careers. Bavani

Experts Shared Their Experiences to Further Enhance Students’ Knowledge

26 Jul 2017|People, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy, Programmes, Students|

University-industry collaboration is essential to ensure the nation’s economy development. From fulfilling business missions to expertise sharing and knowledge transfer, strategic partnerships have been the cornerstone of success for corporations and academia, enabling creativity, growth and innovation that has delivered exceptional results. On 15 June 2017, IMU School of Pharmacy hosted a sharing session by

Internship Experience in Regulatory Affairs

25 Jan 2017|Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Programmes, Students|

As part of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry programme, students have the opportunity to acquire on the job training through industrial attachment. The required 8 weeks attachment will allow students to gain valuable industrial experience and build their professional network for their careers. For Seow Xin Yi, it was a great experience and she extended this industrial

Gaining Valuable Industrial Experience at Cancer Research Malaysia

14 Jan 2017|Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Students|

Pharmaceutical Chemistry students at International Medical University (IMU) have the opportunity to put their knowledge to practice through an 8-week industrial attachment. The attachment allows students to gain valuable industrial experience and build their professional network for their careers. Wong Zheng Wei was given the opportunity to undertake his attachment at Cancer Research Malaysia (CRM),

IMU School of Pharmacy Celebrates World Pharmacists Day 2016

28 Sep 2016|Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy, Students|

World Pharmacists Day is celebrated on 25 September every year to encourage pharmacists all over the world to organise activities to promote and advocate for the role of pharmacist in healthcare. This year’s theme, “Pharmacists: Caring for You’ reflects the importance of pharmacists in healthcare and highlights the pharmacist-client relationship. The IMU Pharmacy Day Committee comprising

IMU Welcomes A/Prof Mohd Zulkefeli as Dean, School of Pharmacy

23 Sep 2016|Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy, Programmes, Staff, University|

19 September 2016 – The International Medical University (IMU) is pleased to announce the appointment of A/Prof Mohd Zulkefeli as Dean, School of Pharmacy. A/Prof Mohd Zulkefeli, PhD is also an Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department at IMU since September 2016. Before joining the IMU, he was a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Pharmacy,

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