Am I Schizophrenic or Just Depressed?

17 May 2017|Uncategorized|

IMU Healthcare Neuro-Psychiatrist, Dr Shane Varman, shares how depressive symptoms have been recognised to coexist with schizophrenia. This is to be expected considering the impact the illness has on the individual. The prevalence of depression among schizophrenics has been reported to vary between 60 % in newly diagnosed patients and 50% in the more chronic

Pledge of Professionalism by IMU’s Graduating Pharmacy Students

18 Jun 2015|Programmes, Students, Uncategorized|

22 April 2015 – It was four years ago when International Medical University's students of cohort BP1/11 took the Pledge of Professionalism at a White Coat Ceremony to begin their journey as pharmacy students. Today, the same students renewed their ‘Oath of a Pharmacist’ pledge at the Pharmacy Professional Day held at the University’s campus

IMU Nursing Students and Staff Trains Caregivers at Lovely Nursing Home

24 Mar 2015|IMU Cares, Programmes, Uncategorized|

International Medical University (IMU) student nurses and staff from the Nursing Division carried out their first pilot training for the caregivers of elderly inmates at Lovely Nursing Home, Petaling Jaya in November last year. Training the caregivers’ workshop marks another new milestone under IMU Cares Projects. The purpose of training the caregivers, is to educate

IMU Lecturer Secured Grant for Antarctic Research

23 Dec 2014|Programmes, Research, Staff, Uncategorized|

An International Medical University (IMU) lecturer for the Medical Biotechnology programme, Dr Wong Chiew Yen, successfully secured a research grant worth RM 827,600 from the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI) for Antarctic research. The grant is for a duration of three years. With this grant, Dr Wong will be working on physiological and

IMU Lecturer Presented at IAPB Congress in Australia

16 Dec 2014|Programmes, Research, Staff, Students, Uncategorized|

August 2014 – International Medical University (IMU) Medical Biotechnology lecturer, Ms Wong Ying Pei presented her research on the ‘Effects of Antibiotics Selective Agents on Plants Cells prior to Agrobacterium Tumefaciens Transformations’ under Biopharma, Bioproduct, and Bioprospecting categories at the International Association for Plant Biotechnology Congress (IAPB) 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. The IAPB conference is

HPV Vaccines Keep Virus at Bay

27 Oct 2014|Health, Uncategorized|

What is Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine? Generally, vaccines are treatments that can prevent infections. Vaccines work by preparing our body to fight germs that cause a certain infection. The process of giving a vaccine is known as vaccination or immunisation. There are many vaccines designated for different types of germs and infections worldwide. The

IMU Medical Biotechnology Student Presents at Conference in Thailand

15 Sep 2014|Programmes, Research, Students, Uncategorized|

A final year International Medical University (IMU) medical biotechnology student, Ooi Yun Pin had the opportunity to present her work at the International Conference on Latest Trends in Food, Biological and Ecological Sciences in Thailand. This is based on the student’s research project entitled “An Investigation of Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Methanol Extract of Syzygium malaccense

Learning more about “Diabetes Control and Preventive Measures in Hospital Setting”

26 May 2014|Research, Uncategorized|

May 7, 2014 - The Centre for Environmental and Population Health under the Institute for Research, Development, and Innovation (IRDI) successfully conducted a talk titled "Diabetes Control and Preventive Measures in Hospital Setting" at IMU’s Bukit Jalil campus. The talk was convened by Dato’ Ted Mohr and delivered by Dato’ Zaki Morad Mohamad Zaher and

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