11 May 2019 IMU Student Has Practical Training in Singapore

A final year Biomedical Science (BM) student at IMU, Chok Kian Chung from BM1/16 had the opportunity to undergo his Phase 1 internship at A*STAR, Singapore. Overall, Kian Chung felt that he has a very fruitful internship in enhancing both his laboratory skills and knowledge as well as his interpersonal skills. He believes that the IMU Biomedical Science Programme has provided him with strong fundamental knowledge and skills while the internship is the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skill he has learnt during classes. This has made him realise that passive learning is impracticable, especially in the research field. Article is in Mandarin.

Read more about this at IMU Students Have Practical Training in Singapore (See Hua Daily News, 11 May 2019).

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