1 Mar 2019 Vaccines Cause Autism? Say It Isn’t So!

A paediatrician  and paediatric bioethicist at IMU Healthcare, Dr Erwin Khoo Jiayuan, weighs in on the issue of people opposing  vaccination as they believe that it can lead to the development of autism in children. The autism link to vaccine first arose in 1998, when a paper co-authored by Andrew J Wakefield appeared in the scientific journal The Lancet. The study has since been retracted – The Lancet issued a public statement withdrawing the paper and refuting the original statement of the paper. Dr Erwin reiterates that there had been much research done to verify whether a link between vaccines and autism exists, and despite all the work done over the years, we still do not have any evidence to substantiate its existence.

Read all about this at Vaccines Cause Autism? Say It Isn’t So! (Health Today, March issue).

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