8 Jan 2019 Healthcare Professionals for National and International Public Health Needs

The art of improving health of a community is intricate. It requires as set of knowledge and skills which aim to improve the quality of life of people in a large scale. Access to healthcare and public health initiative are challenges in many part of the world especially in developing countries. Current practices of public health need multidisciplinary team of public health workers and professionals; let them be doctors and nurses or nutritionists and any other health alliance professionals.

IMU Public Health programme delivers knowledge and skills required for a public health professional to address national and international public health needs. Our students both from Malaysia and many parts of the world learn these through highly experienced academics and renowned public health leaders who passed on their knowledge through IMU unique learning methods. The hands-on experience and real life scenarios that the students get to learn, equip them with the required skills when they move on and work in different sectors of public health. Job readiness is one of the outstanding attributes that the IMU public health graduates possess.

Many of our alumni are currently employed in various sectors of Public Health.

Here are what they have to say about us.

Photo Current Employment Comments about MSc in Public Health
Monitoring and Supervision Consultant, I Plus Solution, Nigeria (2018) “MScPH Degree from IMU is accepted and recognised globally. I developed research skills, presentation (public speaking), technical report writing and data analysis skills. These skills are essential in the development and humanitarian sector, and they have aided by career advancement. However, a key thing that gave me an edge in a very competitive and surplus work force in Nigeria, was the Internship at UNHCR Kuala Lumpur. It provided the experience I needed to launch my career in a sector that hardly employs unexperienced graduates. IMU could make provisions for this in the MScPH programme, and facilitate placement of students.”

Obinna Francis Onunkwor from Nigeria (MScPH 2015)

Lecturer at International Medical University, Malaysia (2018) The programme is really beneficial because it provides comprehensive scopes in term of the history and structure of health systems and organisation, management and health economics. This has really prepared me by instilling an understanding of public health field. I must say that I truly enjoy my lessons and my lecturers are very helpful, dedicated and experienced. I am grateful to be part of this programme and appreciates how it has facilitated my professional development as well as my current PhD project in which related to public health nutrition among adolescents.

Ng Ai Kah from Malaysia (MScPH 2013)

Health Program Manager at Koe Koe Tech IT Social Enterprise, Myanmar (2018) “I think, initially there was a struggle as I did not have much work experience prior to doing my master degree. But once I got my first job (which was within 3 months of finishing my MScPH), it got easier.”

Hay Mar Win from Myanmar (MScPH 2016)

Training Officer, Nirapod-2 project Marie Stopes, Bangladesh (2018) Currently, I am working as a Training Officer at Marie Stopes Bangladesh in a project which serves the community of women, men, adolescents and ready made garment workers in joint collaboration with the government, donor agencies and private stakeholders on sexual and reproductive health and rights issues. My areas of expertise are research, proposal writing, training facilitation, teaching, writing abstract for international and national level conferences, event organising, reporting and other documentations. The skill and knowledge I learnt from MScPH programme helps me a lot in my current job.”

Syeda Razelin Kashem from Bangladesh (MScPH 2017)

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