26 Aug 2014

Go Global with an IMC Diploma in Nursing

Published on Tuesday, 26 August 2014 in Programmes, Students

Do you know that with a Diploma in Nursing from International Medical College (IMC), you not only get an opportunity to work and gain valuable practical working experience overseas but to travel and visit countries too?  These opportunities are made available by the IHH group of hospitals, including at the Acibadem Group of Hospitals (AGH) in Istanbul, Turkey.

Such an opportunity is made possible as employment mobility is integral to the IMC educational philosophy. Graduates who choose to work with the AGH will gain insight on the medical practices in Turkey, which is different from that in Malaysia. Having working experience in an overseas hospital is also an exciting way of setting you apart from the rest of the crowd when you start moving up the career ladder.

Sounds interesting? How do you get selected to work in AGH? For a start, you will need to register for the Diploma in Nursing programme at IMC, then undergo a selection process done by the AGH’s Director of Nursing, in Malaysia.  Successful candidates will then have to be prepared to be proficient in Turkish language. The Turkish language will take about 6 months to master.  The Turkish language will be planned in such a way that you will not neglect your Diploma in Nursing programme, but by the end of the 3 years of Diploma in Nursing training, you would have mastered and passed the Turkish National language examination at Level C1, as required by the Turkey Government.

This year, a group of nine IMC nursing diploma graduates took this exciting opportunity and travelled to Istanbul for orientation to their new workplace, Maslak and Kadikoy Acibadem Hospitals respectively. Each IMC nurse is paired with a Turkish buddy who helps them practice their Turkish, and helps them get to know their working environment and Turkish culture. While they are there, the AGH pays for more Turkish language class to ensure the graduates are able to communicate well.


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