Achieving My Dreams of Gaining a Nursing Degree

Foong Jin Jin relates her IMU Journey towards obtaining a nursing degree.

Biomedical Science Week: Stirring Interest in Histopathology

An event held in celebration of both International Biomedical Laboratory Science (IBLS) Day and IMU’s 30th anniversary celebrations with the theme, “Taking Issue with Your Tissue”.

  • An online National Anatomy and Pathology Summit organised by IMU Medical Students.

Humanities in Medical Education: Shaping the Humanistic Quality of the Future Health Providers

IMU students' active involvement in many virtual activities in the areas of history, philosophy, ethics literature, creative innovation, and fine arts.

  • IMU News and Stories on Media

Healthy Competition of Cohorts

Foundation in Science students compete against each other in a science competition held in conjunction with the IMU 30th Anniversary celebrations.

Ouch! All about Acupuncture and Needles

Learn more about the IMU MSc Acupuncture.