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BFM News on IMU Hospital

15 Dec 2017|Health, News Media, Videos & Podcasts|

Residents of Bukit Jalil and its surrounding neighbourhoods will soon be provided with modern, integrated healthcare that combines the disciplines of allopathic medicine alongside those of complementary medicine at the IMU Hospital. The new IMU Hospital will enhance the existing healthcare services by IMU Healthcare to the community with new patient-centric inpatient and surgical facilities. IMU Healthcare (IMUH)

Winning Back Our ZZZ

8 Aug 2017|News Media, People, Staff, Videos & Podcasts|

While one or two nights of lousy sleep is tolerable, prolonged lack of quality sleep is deadly. Yet many of us struggle with insomnia, or difficulty sleeping well. Dr Philip George, Consultant Psychiatrist from IMU and Sharan Kaur, Consultant Psychologist discusses the roots of insomnia, if sedatives are safe and if proper sleep hygiene mitigate insomnia.

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