Biomedical Science

It is uniquely designed to produce knowledgeable, competent and analytical graduates. The curriculum emphasises on lifelong learning & critical thinking.

Pursue What You Believe, and Believe What You Pursue

14 Feb 2018|Alumni, Biomedical Science, Biomedical Science, People, Programmes|

My superhero idol is Ironman – the inspiration and reason I am where I am today. I adore Ironman because of his dedicated passion in saving and helping people despite him not having any superpowers compared with other superheroes. My initial plan to pursue a Biomedical Science degree bears the same passion – to save

IMU Biomedical Science Alumnus: Research and Sales Experiences

11 Jul 2017|Alumni, Biomedical Science, MSc in Medical & Health Sciences, People|

Hi, I am Owen Teo Siew Yong. I have completed the IMU biomedical science degree, followed by IMU Master’s degree in the field of pharmaceutical science research. Instead of continuing onto the obtaining a PhD, I have decided to accept a new challenge. As such, I am currently working in a French multinational pharmaceutical company,

‘Taking the Next Step’ : A Sharing Session Among Biomedical Science Alumni and Students

9 May 2017|Alumni, Biomedical Science, Biomedical Science, People, Programmes|

Saturday, 22 April 2017 - Nostalgia was at its peak at the IMU auditorium as Biomedical Science alumni from cohorts as far back as 2008 returned to their alma mater for the annual Biomedical Science Alumni Day. It is a day where alumni go back in time to recollect the moments and memories they have

IMU Double Degree Alumnus

26 Sep 2016|Alumni, Biomedical Science, Biomedical Science, Medicine, Medicine, Programmes|

Although IMU has always had alumni who have done double degrees from undergraduate to postgraduate studies, Michael Son Wei Da is the first that has gone down the unbeaten path by scoring himself a Biomedical Science degree, followed by an IMU MBBS degree. Michael first joined IMU in 2008 under the Biomedical Science programme and

IMU Biomedical Science Alumnus Awarded Scholarship to Pursue Neuroscience Research

17 Aug 2016|Alumni, Biomedical Science|

Felix Suresh Kevin Thomas, a 2014 graduate of the IMU Biomedical Science programme, discovered his passion for neuroscience research in his final undergraduate year, during which he performed an internship with the Neurobiology and Genetics Group (NBGG), Universiti Putra Malaysia. Aspiring to further his capacity in this exciting niche area, he then gained experience as

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