2 Sep 2020 IMU Medical Biotechnology Alumna Pursues Her MBA in Australia

Li Shan Kok, an alumna of IMU‘s Medical Biotechnology programme, is currently pursuing her MBA (Global) at the University of Newcastle, Australia. She chose this programme as she would like to venture into the area of business, not forgetting the knowledge and skills she has obtained from her undergraduate studies, hoping to be able to develop a career in the business context of biotechnology in the future.

Li Shan recalled that after graduating from college, she couldn’t really decide whether she wanted to pursue a degree and future career majoring in science or engineering as she was interested in both fields. It was a tough choice for her to decide to give up one course for the other. Luckily, she was introduced to Biotechnology which she then knew would be the choice she could have without giving up her passion on both ends. The reason she chose medical biotechnology was her dream to be a part in a profession that could help improve human lifestyle in the medical aspect with the aid of technology advancement.

Studying Medical Biotechnology at IMU
She particularly selected the medical biotechnology programme at IMU because the curriculum suits her preference of wanting to learn more of both medical and technology related contents. True enough, the curriculum was up to her expectations and some even were more than what she had expected. In general, the programme was well planned out in terms of helping her to gain knowledge, develop new skills and apply it at the late stages of the course. She was excited as additional workshops; communication classes and entrepreneur classes were included in this technology-based programme. These sessions were very useful for self-development and prepared her more readily for the workforce in the future. The additional skill set, exposure to related industries and inter-professional learning have also enlightened her.

When asked if any activities of the curriculum that left an unforgettable impression to her, she mentioned about the tissue culture practical classes and the animal handling practical session. She truly enjoyed learning the techniques and carrying out hands-on experience from both practical sessions which had helped her to develop some valuable lessons connected to knowledge gained from lecture classes. Li Shan felt that the programme had nurtured her with valuable knowledge, equipped her with essential skills and techniques and prepared her towards being a health science professional.

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