17 Apr 2019 A Flexible MSc in Molecular Medicine Exclusive for Working Adults

It is without a doubt that getting a Master degree is useful. There is a wise saying in Chinese which mentioned, “If a jade is not cut and polished, it can’t be made into anything.” This further reinforced the importance that everyone needs to be inculcated with the passion to pursue continuous improvement in the current competitive job market.

Earning a credible Master Degree from a reputable institution allows a graduate to stand out from the crowd with boosted confidence and competency levels. The deeper knowledge in a specialised field that they possess will ultimately be translated into financial gain and career advancement.

However, many working adults find it difficult to cope with attending weekend classes and meeting assignments datelines given the demanding workload and stress that they faced in their routine 9 to 5 job. Hence, a lot of working adults hesitated when considering signing up for a Master degree programme. Many of them end up choose to remain status quo and put off pursuing the life changing higher education.

To address such a dilemma faced by working adults, International Medical University (IMU) has launched an additional Open Distance Learning (ODL) mode which allows students to complete their Master degree without being physically present in the campus. One of such programme is its MSc in Molecular Medicine (MMM).

Molecular medicine is a broad field that covers the fundamental operations and functions within cells. It involves application of knowledge in chemistry, structures and gene to understand the molecular basis of diseases and to develop effective interventions and management. Even though the promise of this field is huge, there are shortages of scientists who are specifically trained in both the molecular biological aspects and medical and/or clinical practice as the two aspects are seldom integrated or properly linked in the traditional university degree in Malaysia.

Since the inception of MMM programme in IMU, it had attracted the enrolment of medical school graduates to gain research experience into the area of molecular and cell biology, taking advantage of their clinical and medical knowledge. Besides, MMM programme had also recruited students with background in sciences who are interested in biomedicine. Through this programme, they have become familiar with the relevant medical perspectives and thus develop a deeper insight in their respective profession.

In summary, MMM programme enables medical practitioners, professionals and researchers in the health and life sciences professions to develop, improve and apply their skills pertinent to molecular techniques and theory in improving disease diagnosis, prognosis and treatments. The programme also instil advance knowledge and skills for students who aim to progress into PhD research locally or overseas.

ODL mode 
The ODL mode of this programme will definitely offer students who wish to enrol themselves into this Master Degree Programme a more flexible and personalised teaching and learning environment, which is highly desirable to adult learners compared to conventional modes of delivery. While the contents are delivered mainly through e-lectures (in the form of videos and/or annotated lectures), online discussions and presentations that will also be integrated into this programme which allow interaction between students and faculty as IMU fully understand that while technical knowledge is very much emphasised, the pastoral care for students cannot be neglected. Each student will also be assigned a mentor who shall serve as the bridge of communication between the mentor and mentee to address any challenges faced by the student.
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